Year 11 French

This year is your first year setting NCEA. There are a few thing you need to understand in order to achieve.

What am I going to learn?

Yera 11 French is very flexible. When looking at the NZ Curriculum you can read "Students can understand and produce more complex language. They can Screen_shot_2011-03-26_at_1.51.22_PM.pngcommunicate beyond the immediate context, for example, about past and future events. Students can understand and produce a variety of text types. (Adapted from Common European Framework for Languages, Global Scale Level A2: Strong Waystage Performance; Council of Europe, 2001.)". In other words it means that your sentences should not be short, they should be complex and you should use present and/or future tense."Variety of texts" means that you can write a email, a speech, converse with people on Twitter of Facebook, write a post on a blog, comment on somebody's blog etc. These are only a few examples of what you will be able to do by the end of the year.

It is why this year we are going through activities that happened in the past e.g Last Holidays, stories about Anna and activities that will happen in the future e.g. Next Holidays, what what you want to do later in life. Thus this year you will learn Passé Composé, Imparfait and Le Futur.

How many credits am I going to gain?

For some of you, knowing how many credits you will gain this year is quite important. If it is the case for you click here.

How many exams am I going to sit?

There are not many exams in French. You are going to sit three Internals and two Externals. To be concise you will sit one Internal which is a Writing, one which is a Speech and one which is Interaction. You will have to sit two Externals which are a Listening and a Reading.

If you want to see what your writing assessments are going to be click here. Our school is using the theme "Planning for a school exchange".

If you want to see what your interactions assessments are going to be click here. Our school is using the theme "Win a trip".

If you want to see what your spoken presentation is going to be on click here.

If you want more details about the Internals and about the Externals follow the links.