Are you ready for a bit of translation ??!!

Even if you are not, let's have a try =)

Translate the following sentences in French. If you need to use French accents or the cédille copy/paste the followings à é è ê ë ù ï ç

Do not forget that you have to use capital letters when needed e.g. names, cities.

If you need to revise your verbs at the past tense, you can use the whole Wiki here, e.g. Flashcards or the Grammar Section

I called my grand-mother who lives in hamilton {{j'ai appelé ma grand-mère qui habite à Hamilton}}
I read a book which was excellent {{j'ai lu un livre qui était excellent}}
The skirt you want is red {{la jupe que que tu veux est rouge}}
My friend Sophie is 20 years old{{ma copine qui s'appelle Sophie a vingt ans}}
I bought a car which is very big{{j'ai acheté une voiture qui est très grande}}
The car I bought is minuscule{{la voiture que j'ai acheté est minuscule}}
The girlfriend you have found is very pretty {{la petite copine que tu as trouvé est très jolie}}
The boy sitting near you is called Paul{{le garçon qui est assis près de toi s'appelle Paul}}
The flat I have visited is huge {{l'appartement que j'ai visité est immense}}
The restaurant at the corner of the street is always open {{le restaurant qui est au coin de la rue est toujours ouvert }}